Ansible test lab setup, part 1

I don’t have much experience with Ansible but I thought I would give it a try on a lab environment I am setting up to test load balancing.  This is the planned configuration of the lab, which is really a proof of concept to see if we will get the same or better performance out of a more professional network setup.


(1) Backup server – Medium system with 8Gb, 12TB RAID5, GigE
(2) Database server – Medium system with 8Gb, 4TB RAID1, GigE
(2) Web server – Medium system with 8Gb, 4TB, GigE
(1) Master – Medium system with 8Gb, 4TB RAID1, GigE


  1. Setup the backup server as a management system, Nagios/Icinga, and SSH server for file backups
  2. Setup the database server with MySql
  3. Setup the Web servers with a dummy WordPress environment, just for testing load balance capabilities
  4. Setup the Master server as HAProxy

This is only the test environment, there isn’t enough memory in these systems for production.  In production we will probably have 4-6 web servers, and everything will have at a minimum double that memory.  The storage requirements for the Backup server shouldn’t be too high so that might stay the same.  This backup server would perform a weekly dump to another backup server offsite at one of the branch offices.  It is possible that I will have virtual machines preconfigured and ready to fire up offsite in the event of disaster as well, if so I will have to figure out how they would automatically update from the latest backup before being started – but that is for a different project.

I’m going to start building the site.yaml tonight or tomorrow and document everything here afterwards.  If I can get everything up and running the way I want I will post a cleaned up version of how I did afterwards.  If not I will at least try to figure out where I went wrong so you can use it as a guide of what not to do.



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