Failed to load COM32 file menu.c32 boot

I have been getting this error message a little more often than usual lately. I have been doing a lot of server installs, mostly from USB which is my preferred way to install if a PXE server isn’t available. I have gone round and round with getting the ISO files to work off of USB flash drives with Ubuntu, and the way that seems the most reliable is Unetbootin. Startup Disk Creator or using dd simply fail to boot most of the time.

The error message I am getting is:

Failed to load COM32 file menu.c32 boot

I had done everything I could to get around this issue on the KVM server I was setting up the other day. In the end I resorted to DVD and was able to get the install going without issue. Today, I couldn’t get the DVD or USB to work on a machine and it was driving me nuts. I got a little frustrated and hit the keyboard, a cheap one, and suddenly a new menu popped up.

boot options: unetbootindefault ubnentry0 ubnentry1 ubnentry2 ubnentry3 ubnentry4 ubnentry5 ubnentry6 ubnentry7 ubnentry8 ubnentry9 ubnentry10

I had no idea what I hit to bring up this menu so I rebooted and tried again. I hit the usual – enter, esc, space, tab. Tab was the key. After that I simply tried entering the options that were on the list starting with the first, unetbootindefault. I am not sure if the other options work or not because that one worked perfectly. I’m going to guess that it loaded the default entry that would start after a timeout at the Unetbootin menu.

So, if you are having a similar issue and the other solutions don’t fix it give that a try.

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