FreePBX Server part 1

A customer has a phone server that is getting a little long in the tooth. They want all the new features they have been hearing about that their old PBX simply doesn’t support. They had planned on buying one from a telecom company they do business with, until they found out how much it is really going to cost. It turns out that the system will end up costing around $1000 per extension/user which in my personal opinion is ridiculous. So, they asked me if I had another suggestion.

From 2006-2008 I installed numerous Asterisk systems. About 3/4 of them ran Trixbox and used either Snom or Polycom phones. A few used pure Asterisk, and a few used either cheap Grandstream phones or a SIP to analog converter that allowed them to continue using their old phones. At the time I probably wouldn’t have recommended the FreePBX based systems for shops with more than 50 phones, but it looks like it has matured quite a bit since then. So, I started throwing together a FreePBX system over the weekend and ordered a couple of used Grandstream phones off of Ebay to give him an idea of how it works.

I plan on covering the installation here, hopefully with some screen shots. And probably detailing the issues I encounter trying to get it up and running correctly. I need to put together a presentation for the system so I might as well go ahead and throw that on here as well. So, this will probably be a big multi-part port but I should hopefully get this one done by the end of the week.

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