Nexus 6

I was so fed up with my Moto G. I bought it in a rush because I needed a new phone. I had heard a lot of people talking about how great it was. A high end phone at a bargain price. Google owned Motorola, so of course it was going to get the latest and greatest OS immediately. Stock, rootable, what more could I want?

How wrong I was. It was a nightmare. Motorola had done something crazy with the cache management that effectively killed multitasking. I would have Maps open giving me directions to a client’s office and the phone would ring. After the call was over Maps basically restarted and I had to pull over and go through the whole directions process again. Need to check an email while talking on the phone? Forget it your call is probably going to die. So many things we driving me crazy. How could it be this bad but everyone was saying it was great? Well, it turns out I bought one of the carrier-broken models. No rooting, no updates unless the carrier feels like it, everyone else had done things to work around the issues so to them it seemed like a decent phone. No rooting for me, so I was left with a borked phone but I lived with it while I looked for something better. I was really apprehensive, very close to clicking the “buy now” button so many times but I was afraid I was buying another disaster. I literally got up and walked away for a few minutes before clicking the buy button on a OnePlus One, only to return and see in another tab that they had ended their relationship with CyanogenMod. No deal.

The big network job was the final straw. I kept missing client calls. It destroyed some photos because a text message came in while I was taking a picture of a network closet. I had to type an urgent email three times because it kept failing every time I tried to add an attachment. After the OnePlus One almost-purchase I said screw it and decided to go with the Nexus 6.

Do I regret it? Absolutely not. I regret not waiting to get the 64Gb version since I couldn’t find one locally. But the phone is excellent. Everything works the way it should. Real stock Android, unlocked and rooted. Big enough that I don’t need to carry my tablet around as much. So much faster than what I had before. And the camera isn’t half bad either.


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