My new Pixel C

I finally bought a new tablet. I’ve been very close to clicking the buy button over the last few months because I have needed a new one. My old beloved Nexus 7 died a few months after the warranty ran out. The Samsung I purchased afterwards was trash. And the 2-in-1 Lenovo from work I’ve been using wasn’t much better. I’ve been waiting for a new Google device, something big like the old Nexus 10, with great specs and pure android. I didn’t want the bloat-ware all of the other vendors add to Android, or their customized versions (I’m looking at you Touchwiz). So when they announced the Pixel C I immediately planned on purchasing it.

I saw a lot of the reviews right before its release talking about how great it was but that it sucked because it was just regular Android and not some customized tablet version. And complaining that it isn’t a productivity device. I’m not sure what planet these people are on. Nothing they complained about in the reviews was anything I was concerned about so as soon as I got the email notice from Google that it was available I ordered it. It showed up last night.

So far the only complaint I have is that it doesn’t allow me to use “Trusted Devices” for Smart Lock. I usually have a bluetooth speaker, or car stereo, wherever I usually hang out so I use them for the Android Smart Lock feature. I checked online and some other people noticed the same thing so I contacted support. They called me back within seconds, which was really surprising. I went through the problem and they verified it on their end – said I was the first to report it. They ended up bumping the issue up to the engineers so hopefully it will get addressed and fixed in one of the next few monthly updates.

Don’t have my Nexus 6 here at the moment so no picture, I’ll add them later. Until then here is the status page. If any of you have any questions about it let me know.


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