Pixel c impressions part 2

The screen is incredible. Everything is very crisp. None of the touch problems a few people reported – typing this on the screen note.

It feels very solid. The Samsung I had felt very flimsy. But, the metal back feels slippery. I can see myself dropping this easily. Going to have to get a skin or case soon.

Edit: Forgot about the magnet. I knew the keyboard, which I didn’t buy, attached to the tablet using a magnet. I didn’t know the magnet would be in the tablet, thought it would be the other way around. So, when I picked it up and several wire ties / twisties stuck to the bottom it caught me off guard. Then it stuck to the metal shelf in a rack, with a “thump”. A little unnerving at first.

For the “this isn’t a productivity” tablet crowd. This is what i have done with it so far today. Used JuiceSSH to connect to a few servers while I was at our datacenter. Easier than pulling out my laptop. Answered a bunch of email. Tested our new Exchange server with the Android client to verify offsite connectivity. Used Montano to read the Magento EE manual to try to solve a problem with one of our servers. Used JuiceSSH again to connect to my Git desktop and make a code change. Verified it worked with the browser. Nope, definitely not designed for work, just an expensive toy.

Picture taken with it on the seat of my car.


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