Pixel C impressions part 3

I would have to say that my only real complaint at this point is the slippery texture of the back. I’ve almost dropped it several times. All of the cases on Amazon won’t be shipping for a few weeks so i will have to be extra careful.

Today we had network issues at the office. Bad switch causing things to go haywire. Microsoft magically enabled windows update on the primary DNS server so a simple reboot was three hours of waiting for updates to install. Old admins screwed up failover DNS settings. So network at one of the offices was down for basically three hours.

I was able to use the tablet to help test things to figure out what was going on. Once the switch problem was resolved of course. Ended up installing Firefox since i can configure it to use a proxy server without making the whole tablet use it. Was very helpful resolving the DNS issue.

Would have been extremely helpful if it had an rj45 port. Could have done some real trouble shooting then. I’ll have to check into an OTG network adapter.

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