Captain America Civil War

Went and saw the new movie opening night. First time since the new Studio Movie Grill in Pearland (SMG) opened that I got a chance to go there.  So much better than the piece of garbage theater at Baybrook Mall where we saw Star Wars.  They had so many servers at SMG, the food and drinks were great and it showed up quickly. Very hapy with the new theater.  Loved the Double Ginger Mule I ordered.


The movie was great as well. I had a small issue with some of the CGI on Iron Man’s costume a couple of times.  It almost seemed like his head was floating above the suit, and we weren’t watching 3D. It did seem like it drug on a little too long, but it also felt a little rushed like we missed a lot of the story. WTF happened to Pepper? Why did Cap, the super duper soldier that follows orders, get upset he’d have to follow orders? Why did they spend less than 30 seconds on that? Oh right, they needed more time for wisecracks from Antman. Maybe this one would have been better split into two movies. Still a great movie and I highly recommend it, but I wish – well never mind, considering some of the steaming piles of garbage Hollywood has released I shouldn’t complain.

It was great. The fight scenes were amazing. The story was good. It will make a buttload of money they can use producing more movies. Go see it.

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