Huawei Matebook – Day 2, the Nyan Cat test

Huawei Matebook Nyan cat test

Huawei Matebook Nyan cat test

I was pretty busy today so I didn’t have time to do much testing on the Huawei Matebook. I decided to do a battery test since it required the least interaction. I launched the “10 hour Nyan cat” video and let it run for full screen. The last time I checked it had been running for 3 hours 14 minutes and battery was down to about 15%. Not exactly what I was hoping for but still very good. I was hoping for something closer to Chromebook battery life but honestly I’ve never performed that exact test on one of them.




A few other quirks I noticed. Power-on requires a very long press on the power button. I noticed when it powered itself off after I thought I had put it to sleep.  I don’t know if there is a setting in Windows 10 I have not checked or not, but when I “close the lid” it shuts off after about 10-15 minutes instead of staying asleep. It restarts quickly of course, but it just seems odd. Probably a power setting I need to change.



I originally thought it did not support scrolling with the trackpad but someone here showed me the Windows 10 gestures. So, that works well. I am old school and trackpads drive me crazy, so I tried hooking up a USB mouse. I used a standard Female-Female USB adapter to connect a Logitech mouse to the USB Type-C port. Nothing. So, either that just doesn’t work or I need some special sort of adapter.

Overall, even with a few quirks, I am still really impressed with it. More info tomorrow, or this weekend.

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