Huawei Matebook – Day 3

I should probably blame this more on Microsoft than Huawei but it was very frustrating. Headed out to a client meeting with the Matebook to show it off. I needed to make notes on the schematics we’d been given before the meeting. Notes about where everything is going to go in the client’s new data center, where the networks cabling entry point will be and a few other things that would come up during the walk-through. Perfect opportunity to show off the Huawei Matebook and it’s touchscreen tablet interface. I installed and tested Xodo PDF on the system before I left and gave it a quick test while in laptop mode. Worked great even without the Huawei stylus (was missing with the demo unit I have).

I had to login with my Microsoft account to download the app, an account I use maybe once a year if that much. Didn’t think anything of it. Why would logging into the Microsoft store to install an app cause a problem? Then I pull out the tablet once the walk-through begins. Screen is locked. Not with the account I had been using to login, but with my Microsoft account. And I can’t figure out how to switch users. I’m screwed. So, while everyone else is writing notes the old fashioned way using paper and pen here I am looking like an idiot trying to VPN and SSH into my desktop and access my password archive using my cellphone while balancing the Matebook with the other hand so I can type the password. I felt like an idiot.

Also, something strange happened while flipping between laptop and tablet mode later while showing it off. It sort of got locked into laptop mode and wouldn’t allow touch. I hadn’t even noticed this before, but while it is in laptop mode touch isn’t working at all. Strange, not sure if something is configured incorrectly or that is normal?

Also, the sleep issue is starting to drive me nuts. It basically powers off. No error messages on boot, so it is performing a normal shutdown. If I manually put it to sleep it recovers almost instantly. If I shutdown the system or let it shutdown on its own when the cover closes for a few minutes it takes about 30 seconds to fully start. Very frustrating.

No pictures today. Maybe tomorrow.

Huawei Matebook – Day 4, Testing Xubuntu 16.04

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