Huawei Matebook – pricing info and final opinion

So, I am done testing the unit.  They let me play with it for a week and now it is someone else’s turn.  I never got to finish some of the testing I wanted to do but everyone in the office wants to give it a try so I had to pass it on.  I had a few small issues with the unit and I reported those back to our rep who said they would be passed on to the engineers.  Since it worked with Linux I can say I am very interested in purchasing one myself.

My biggest complaints: Only one USB port, that port is in an akward spot for charging, power issue (was told this was not common, probably just our demo unit), keyboard case and stylus are optional.

Most impressed by: Very powerful for such a tiny device, great battery life, amazing screen, Linux compatibility.

I was given preliminary pricing info for the unit I was testing, but keep in mind this may be for corporate customers not the consumer version. What I am being told is there will be 4 different versions, possibly one with a Core M3 processor that will be very budget friendly.  The one I was using with the Core M5, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD should be $999.  I believe the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S near equivalent version will be the same price but with half less memory and storage. I’m not sure if the TabPro will work with Linux or not.



  1. Trueriver says:

    thanks for these 5 posts. I bought one following your comments on Linux compatibility and I am very pleased with it. (so far, if i find any major Linux probs will let you know, and if you do not hear from me again assume the best)

  2. Stas Kozlov says:

    Hi, thanks for efforts. I’ve got same device and thinking to unpack it… How does it work with virtualisation? I need launch docker and VMs. According M3 spec it support’s VT-x, can you share an experience?

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