Fix for Pixel 2 MMS images on Cricketwireless

So, I love my Pixel 2.  The photos are incredible.


Unedited Pixel 2 point-and-shoot, out the window at 82MPH, leaving Palm Springs

Unedited Pixel 2 point-and-shoot, out the window at 82MPH, leaving Palm Springs


But, actually sharing those photos with other people has been a pain in the butt. Every time someone tries to send me a photo or I try to send a photo using MMS it failes.  Every time.  I’ve been too busy travelling to look into this seriously, so I’ve been sharing through email and Skype instead.  Just got back home so I played around with it this morning.  Turns out it is my carrier settings for Cricket Wireless.

I use Cricket Wireless because they have an incredible 5-for-$100 family plan.  I actually pay $140 since three of those I’ve upped the data to 8GB per month, but still a great deal.  Not pimping them, but honestly I can’t recommend them enough.

I bring my own phones to their network since the phones they sell are all trash. Not a criticism, they are affordable trash that are good for most people.  When you bring your own phone to their network they try and get you to install their apps and I never do. I don’t want their bloatware. I’m not sure installing their settings app would add bloatware, but I don’t want to take the chance.  I insert the SIM card, register it, and I’m done.

Apparently that isn’t good enough anymore, and they added a setting right around the time I upgraded to the Pixel 2.  To be able to send or receive photos using MMS I now need to add their MMS proxy to my mobile network settings. They go into detail on how to do this without their app on their site. All I had to change was the MMS Proxy setting to get the feature to work again.

To do this I did the following on my Pixel 2:


  1.  Pull down the drop down menu and enter settings by touching the gear icon 
  2. Touch Network & Internet
  3. Touch Mobile Network
  4. Touch Advanced
  5. Touch Access Point Names
  6. Touch the name of the network, which should be “Internet ndo”
  7. Scroll down until you see “MMS proxy” and touch that
  8. Enter the following:
  9. Exit the settings and reboot

Again, do not use these instructions unless you are on Cricket Wireless. I am not responsible for any damage you do to your phone, use these instructions at your own risk.